It is a beautiful day for a drive
The sky is bright, the winds are calm
Life is great.  It couldn't be better
I'm happy to be alive.
Uh oh... 3

I look around, nervous
Where can it be?
I need a toilet
And we're not talking about pee
Oh God... 2

In the distance I see a Walmart
I accelerate the car, "Hurry please hurry" I scream
I skid into the parking lot and race to the front door
Forced to crab-walk now,  gurgling uncontrollably
Please no... 1

There's the restroom.  I pray I can make it
Dodging school kids and handicapped carts
I fling open the door and rush to the single stall
Dear God in Heaven, it is being used
Utter despair...  0
Steve Johnson
8/3/2012 09:31:24 am

Oh! I get it! It's kinda like Major Tom, but with more urgency!

Philo d'Bumstank
8/3/2012 09:34:26 am

"Steve Johnson"? Seriously? If you expect anybody to really consider your comments you should at least do us all the courtesy of using your real name.

Lick McRotch
8/5/2012 07:56:18 pm

Leave Steve alone! He may not have a normal name, but it is his. Now regarding this beautiful piece, this is clearly an incantation of his inner struggle with himself to get to the WalMart before his dreams disappear in the men's room. Perhaps the locked stall door is what he needed to experience before letting all of his feelings out on the floor of that clean room.

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