It's a small white packet
In shape much like a ravioli
But too large for a single bite
Or to swallow by accident.
Its stuffing is silica beads
Hard, granular, unappetizing
And taste really bad anyway.
Prominently it is labeled
"Do not eat."
Lee king Pustual
8/12/2012 06:52:19 am

The best part of this poem is the ending. It adds mystery to the story. "Do not eat. Seriously" or is it "Do not eat seriously". In other works, you can eat non-seriously. Get it. It is a play on words. I started to laugh until I realized this poem is about two things: the horrible plight of the the Syrian refugees and the awful bed bug epidemic in the U.S. Masterful writing. Poetic justice for all the world's problems.


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