Searching for Syria
You ended up here.

Your mind must be in
A swirl of confusion
Like the gargle of a flush
At its vortex conclusion.

"Syria is serious!"
You must surely exclaim,
"What is it doing here
Among all this depraved?

People are dying
Struggling for freedom
It's noble and it's sad
And my pants:  I've peed them.

Life is cold and hard
Like a waggling walrus oosik.
I seek the pain of others,
Not odes to your poo stink!"

Thus have you arrived
At a place deeper than you quested
And on important topics
Your eyeballs have rested.

By the way,
Did you laugh?
I bet that you didn't.
Phil Lings O. O. O. Phil Lings
8/1/2012 08:13:05 am

Any poem with my two favorite words, 'poo' and 'peed', is going to bring a tear to my eye, and a trickle in my underwear. But this poem made those things stay inside. Thank you!


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