1. Eat 5-star phad thai the day before traveling
2. Press the button that says "do not press"
3. Forget to flush
4. Cross the street without looking both ways
5. Take crack
6. Gobble down 3 habanero Slim Jims before exercising
7. Buy Femstat 3 instead of Femstat 1
8. Judge a book by its cover
9. Open the door that says "do not enter"
10. Shoot your neighbor's cow
11. Purchase that cheap toilet paper

That's about it.
Beulah Frapper
8/22/2012 01:58:28 am

Oh, isn't this just sweet and utterly charming? I can just tell that the person who wrote this is kind, sweet, gentle and lovely. The type of person I'd like to bring home and bake a cake for and introduce to all of my cats.

Brian Zeller
8/22/2012 07:34:52 am

Is this list comprehensive?

Heurky Juer Key
12/11/2015 12:36:21 pm

Hell Zeller, what's wrong with you. Why ask such a stupid question. Of course the list is comprehensive. That's why it has 11 items. The 11.


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