For myself, I always buy the cheaper things.
Every penny saved is one I can spend on you.
Flowers, limousines, dinner and a movie.
As an example, the towel I was using
This evening as I buffed myself dry,
My head filled only with you at lunch today
And your pantie-less hint.
This very towel, tattered and frayed,
With its one long loose cord that hangs down,
I worked over my body with great vigor
While in my mind the image of
The double-backed dog
Until that dangly cord did wend and wrap unnoticed.
Then, reaching for my toothbrush
I hurled aside that low-cost symbol of my fixation on you
Causing that dangling cord to become garote.
Which is why I am changing my priority this evening
From a wish of lust unfulfilled
To a simple visit in the E.R.
Jeff Smith
8/18/2012 04:54:17 am

What that heck does that mean? I've spent a lot of years in West Virginia and I still don't understand a thing about that poem. You sir, are confusing.

Bubba Cornhill
8/18/2012 05:02:27 am

Harr harr! Now him ain't got himself no weener!

Harvey Jefferson
8/18/2012 09:33:48 am

This poem is screwy. I don't get it. Yea, I may not be an advanced poet but I am left unfulfilled by this poem. Is it about butt floss or towels or tooth brushes, or dolphin waxing or hair condition or a girl friend that hates you or what? Damn it, I need an explanation. Either that, or I'll just stick to the farm animal poems.


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