Phil was a follower of the Buddha
Who lived only on edam and goudha
One day with a start
He ripped a great fart
That contained much more air than it shoulda.
Svelt Johnson
7/29/2012 10:49:35 am

There aren't enough poems about cheese. Sure there are plenty of poems about love, death, fear, longing, etc. Boring. I want cheese, flatulence, constipation, painful rectal itch, and cow tipping. Please. I need it.

Lucie Doodie
7/30/2012 04:54:49 pm

I enjoy how this poem not only captures the dietary habits of this young follower, but his need for just a little bit of fiber. That lad must have at least 8 days worth of edam and gouda waiting to explode.


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