There once was a man from Korea,
He had really bad diarrhea.
When he started to poop
It was chocolate corn soup,
But no way would I use it to feed ya.
Rhectol Fisher
8/10/2012 12:45:10 am

I'm a big disturbed by this poem. It invokes painful memories of my early childhood in North Korea. A diet of rocks, twigs, and ants often caused gastric distress that haunts me today. I do take exception with the last line in this poem. From my experience it is factually inaccurate.

I must admit this is a powerful and compelling poem, nonetheless. I has perfect phrasing and cadence. Unsophisticated readers probably won't appreciate the complexity of this poem. It is clearly advanced. What a powerful website.

Phat Bastard
8/10/2012 02:00:17 am

Now I'm hungry.


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