Who's afraid of the dark?
Who's afraid of their own shadow?
Who's afraid of heights?
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I am.

Who feels hurt when they get ignored?
Who feels hurt when things don't go their way?
Who feels hurt when his buddy doesn't invite him to the mall?
Who feels hurt when his friends don't ask him about his day?

That would be me.

Who can't fix a leaky faucet?
Who can't repair a broken lawn mower?
Who can't replace an electrical outlet?
Who can't imagine going deer hunting?

Yep, that's me too.

But I am handy in the kitchen
I can pick out a color-coordinated outfit
I can create a beautiful flower arrangement
My hair is cut in a modern style and it is clean

That's what makes me, me
I may be often afraid and repeatedly hurt
I may be incapable of participating in any normal male activity
Yeah, I'm sensitive too

But I'm a man, damn it
Heidi Ho
8/8/2012 04:36:12 am

There's no limit to the great things that can be said about this one. This is the universal problem of being excluded because you're a little different, and I think we've all had to deal with that at some point.

Helizfer Chilldrun
8/8/2012 05:00:49 am

This poem made me cry. I can relate to everything in it. I am a man who always puts the seat down, cleans off the sink after applying grooming products, and eats with my elbows off the table. I'm vegan so the thought of hunting not only repulses me, it actually scares me a little.

I consider myself very manly. I enjoy sports like soccer and gymnastics. I also participate in a variety of outdoor activities including quiet walks in the park and sunbathing.

I'm a man too. I don't feel that I need to conform to societal norms that have evolved over thousands of years for anybody.

Heidi Ho
8/8/2012 05:10:32 am

Helizfer, how have you been? Do you remember me?

If it helps, the last time we did anything together my name wasn't Heidi, it was Gung.

Helizfer Chilldrun
8/8/2012 05:22:27 am

Hey Heidi/Gung,

Glad the surgery went well. I certainly remember you. We sat for for hours listening to Karma Kameleon over and over again. That along with those berry-flavored wine coolers made my head spin (like a record baby right round round round). Hope things are well in the village.

This Advanced Poetry site is great, huh? I certainly don't understand most of the poems but I sure try. It is almost as if there are hidden meanings with each of these poems. Well, probably not. I guess I should just take them on face value and enjoy them.

Robin Hood
8/8/2012 05:37:22 am

I think all body hair is repulsive and that is why I apply Nair to my entire body fortnightly. My skipping outfits feel so much better when applied to my freshly shorn body, and I am a man gosh darn it.

Bob "Knobby" Johnson
8/8/2012 05:54:47 am

Huntin's fun! And there's no way better of spending a Friday evening than drinking a lot of beer and have bare-fisted boxing matching with friends. That is, when we're not racing dirt bikes.

I haven't shaved since I was 12, and stopped wearing shoes and underwear long before that.

I just wish I could find a nice print sundress in my size. They're really comfortable, you know?

5/20/2022 09:00:03 pm

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