I gave up my high-paying executive position
With the corner office and high potential
So that we could be together and make a life.
And then you left me for your old boyfriend
Who had just returned to town unemployed
Seeking solace in his parents basement.
You think I'd be bitter and spend my days
Ranting and raving at your infidelity
Followed by bar binges and sleepness nights.
But no, I almost never think of you
Except for rare times like this morning
When I was having my daily poo.
Frederick VonHalen
8/22/2012 02:56:17 am

Morning poo? Show off. Oh, and the poem is perfection. A story of lost love, love gone bad, heart break, and bowel movement. Nice. These contributing writers to the Advanced Poetry Project are amazing. Simply the best poetry available anywhere.


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