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Behold!  The cow:  whose existence is easily understood.
They have but one role for which they are best employed
Soul-search within a cow's eyes:  complacent they, not annoyed,
For their essence accepts the reason they are deployed:
A cow's purpose on this planet is to be our food.

Ghottah Powndett
8/1/2012 05:31:08 am

While I an a strict vegetarian and abhor the idea of killing an animal and eating it, I admit to absolutely loving this poem. The respect the author pays to his bovine subject is classy and sophisticated (like everything else on the Advanced Poetry site). There is true love and admiration for this animal and what it has accomplished in its life. Dare I say this poem sits in an almost inconceivable position somewhere between art and religion. It is angelic. Absolutely divine.


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