Bending over
That's the goal
Dropping items
Exposing glorie's hole

Maybe a golf ball
Could be my keys
When they're watching
I give them a tease

I'm not really a klutz
I just act as such
I shake it and I wiggle
Oh how they all giggle

No need for Depends
Or ribbed Trojan Enz
'Cause this game that I play
Keeps all people away

Frank N. Beans
7/30/2012 05:47:28 am

Deceptive, so very tricky of you.

On first reading this seemed like just an ordinary recitation of past experiences and so I moved on. But for some reason it lingered at the back of my mind for days, until one day I was struck by an epiphany: The glory hole, it is purely allegorical!

I won't give away any more of a clue than that, but oh how I relish that moment each of you get when it suddenly all falls into place for you!

Rheam Miaz
7/30/2012 10:19:22 am

I missed that too. For some reason I was stuck with a bath house vision from the early 80s. For that reason alone I enjoyed the poem. I now see that allegory you discovered. Could "glorie's hole" refer to the hole left in the author's heart after a bitter breakup? Maybe simply a hole in his pants pocket? Or something complex and completely obscured from the reader...a wrinkled starfish perhaps? Beautiful poem. Oh so advanced. This site makes my life complete and meaningful.


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