We here at Advanced Poetry have a hard time understanding why limericks are treated with such disdain, and yet the haiku is so revered.

Really, what is the difference?  Both a very short with a rigid structure so the poet is forced to pick words with exacting care and can't meander endlessly ala Longfellow's Evangeline, and limericks have the added challenge of a specific rhyme scheme.  That makes it even harder, to us.

But maybe the common non-advanced use of limericks has an advantage:  even non-poets are familiar with the form because of their very ubiquity.  This makes them much more accessible to the common person and gives the advanced poet a stealth backdoor.  The unwitting reader thinks they are reading something frivolous but instead something important and meaningful has been snuck into their mind, which will later explode with a sudden insight, much like a meme IED.

Jason Wilson
08/13/2012 1:27pm

I'm surprised by Advanced Poetry's endorsement of the limerick. Until now, I've always thought myself above such a silly poetic style. I'm starting to reevaluate my position on many things in life. Cattle, fiber cereal, even the movie Deliverance. Just as MTV attempted to indoctrinate a generation of youth in the mid 1990s with the "Free Your Mind" campaign, Advanced Poetry has changed me forever. Some would say for the better.

Limericks are now cool and advanced. I'm going to show off to my friends at this week's poetry reading at the local coffee house. I'm going to write a Limerick about a spitting goat this afternoon. Thanks Advanced Poetry. I'm going to now follow you on twitter so that I can be led down this strange and exciting path.

Roger A. Goat
08/14/2012 2:10am

There was this kid once, back in grade school, he was kinda mean and he told the whole class a limerick he made up only he put my name in it and it hurt my feelings and made me feel real bad and if nobody had ever invented the limerick it wouldn't have happened and I would be a happy person today so I still hate limericks no matter what you guys say.

Fred Johnson
08/14/2012 9:30am

Hey Roger, get over it. You sound like a real sissy. BTW, remember me? I'm the one who wrote that limerick that ruined your life.


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