You may have noticed occasional posts on this site related to body fluids, digestive issues, and farm animals.  The executive editorial staff at Advanced Poetry has been encouraged and excited to see how these complex issues are handled in such a mature manner by the site contributors. 

Scientific studies have found a direct and undeniable correlation between poetic intellegence (that's the scientific term describing those individuals with Advanced Poetry aptitude - approximately .0125% of the general population) and body function hyperawareness while in a farm environment (note:  according to the latest scientific literature, one doesn't have to actually be on or near a farm, but can simply be looking at a farm picture or thinking about a farm picture).  For those uninitiated, this may seem a bit hard to understand.  We ask you to just review the science and accept it without debate.

Anita Pierce
07/26/2012 12:40pm

That reminds me of one of my favorite poems called 'Sticky Poo'

Sometimes when I eat too much
I make sticky poo
It is soft and squishy coming out,
but not much gets into the loo.
It sticks to the walls of my anus
and the cheeks of my butt
I should probably be a little more careful
about the food I put in my gut.
I harken back to the days of yore
when my poo wasn't sticky
That was when wiping
wasn't so tricky.

Juanlong Dong
07/26/2012 1:05pm

I remember reading the collective works of Henry David Thoreau. These were actually his works before his Walden experience. At the time, he was living near the sewage treatment facility near P street in Washington D.C. He had a poem very similar to "Sticky Poo". As I recall, it was called "Poopy Pants" or maybe "Poop in My Pants". I assume that poem was the motivation for Anita Pierces poem above.


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