Hogs are much like dogs.  They just have shorter hair for the most part, snort more, and like to eat raw potatoes.  Which reminds me of a poem.  Of course everything reminds me and the editorial staff at Advanced Poetry, of a poem.  I'm sure you can relate.  If not, you probably belong elsewhere.  Maybe there is a Beginners Poetry site for people like you.

07/24/2012 4:55pm

I agree completely with this statement. Everyone knows hogs and dogs are similar. Also, that fact always brings to mind a poem. In my case, it brings to mind two poems. I have a friend who isn't reminded of a poem when he compares dogs and hogs. I no longer associate with him because of that.

Harry Hardwick
07/25/2012 12:56pm

I am with my friend Schlongfellow. When I am with someone who is not reminded of a poem when something beautiful is staring them in the face, like hogs and dogs, I poke their eyes out because they can't see anyway.

Frank Andcents
07/25/2012 1:20pm

Mr. Hardwick,

As a fan of the Advanced Poetry site, I take offense to your violent remarks. Just because someone may not be sophisticated enough to comprehend and appreciate advanced poetry, doesn't give you the right to hurt their eye. So your friend is a simpleton. Big deal. Just remember, not everyone was given the gift of intelligence and awareness enjoyed by users of this website. Pity then, don't harm them (which reminds me of a poem that I haven't written yet).


07/25/2012 1:48pm

Perhaps that was not an advanced thing for me to do. I might have to spend a little more time at intermediate poetry before trying to understand advanced poetry. You are a wise man Frank and you have inspired me to visualize myself.

Seymour Butts
07/25/2012 1:51pm

I just touched my inner child, but then my feminine side got scared and called the cops.


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