Vanilla Ice by Dave Kleinschmidt / CC-BY-SA
When we launched the Advanced Poetry website (and its newly launched companion site The Brown Trout Conservancy), we did so with years of planning, passion, and attention to detail.  In fact, we found such a demand for our ideas that we were basically forced to create the sites.

As such, we created an associated twitter feed to more quickly communicate with other like-minded advanced poets.  In less than a week, we have hit 6 followers!  We don't mean to brag, but by all subjective measures this is pretty impressive.  If you take our family members out that still leaves 3 followers.  Of note, the master Lyrical Poet Robert Van Winkle A.K.A. Vanilla Ice has recently joined our rapidly growing world of followers.  We would expect as much given his demonstrated passion and aptitude for advanced poetry (and we suspect some occasional digestive discomforts).  Speaking of that, if you haven't seen The Vanilla Ice Project on the diy network, you need to check it out.  Pure genious.  Pure poetry.


10/01/2013 3:42am

I just created a weebly account after finding your blog, thanks.


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