the thoughts in my head are like the ticking of a clock
when the time just wont stop
as hard as i try
i fear i may die
i always try to stop things that are near impossible to stop
like a bully and my peer
a master with a mop

--submitted by M. Plaskey
Bite Your Tongue
All they do is take until there is nothing left,
walking by like hallow vessels.
A corpse left on the ground,
so grey, no more color is left in the tongue,
No remorse, no recognition,
No ‘thanks’,
just empty gestures.
Such a corpse is kind,
There’s is no shirt on its back,
but there is a child that is now warm,
But the “hobo” you’ve called that man,
Is the hero of a certain child.
The grey of life,
The led on the eyes of many
Sketch a picture of ignorance,
But humble thy heart,
Because your mind is fornicating lies.
And your tongue,

--submitted by C. Bennett
Death is callin.
I could have ignored him but I answered his call.
He said we needed to meet.
I was hesitant and half sleep.
I look at the time, its forty five minutes pass eight.
I have work in the morning.
I asked, Why?
He said,"I need your assistance"
He then added that,"Someone might die"
I Wanted to say no but I agreed.
He would come if I was in need.
Death is my friend indeed.

--submitted by D. Leflore

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    March 2013